Standard Roller Chain

The TransDrive Standard Roller Chain range is a versatile and reliable power transmission solution. Also known as drive chain or small pitch chain, as the roller chain is a cost effective solution, it is used in various industries including automotive, manufacturing and agriculture. With their sturdy construction and advanced engineering, they provide exceptional durability and performance, handling heavy loads and demanding conditions. These chains ensure precise power transmission with smooth motion, reducing energy loss and enhancing efficiency. Available in various sizes and configurations, they meet diverse application needs.

Built from high-quality materials like heat-treated steel, they resist wear, fatigue, and corrosion for a long service life. Easy installation and maintenance, along with proper lubrication, ensure optimal performance. Trusted worldwide, TransDrive General Roller Chains keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.


  • Simplex (single strand)
  • Duplex (double strand)
  • Triplex (triple strand)


TransDrive Roller Chain