Hazardous Area Brakes

Our brake assemblies are manufactured in Italy and is used for hoisting, travelling and positioning in Hazardous locations. The brakes are a safe and reliable solution.

The brake is an innovative modular flameproof spring applied to a disc brake unit. The new concept is to apply an independent brake unit to a standard flanged explosion proof motor or to a transmission unit. The flanges input and output follow both the IEC or NEMA standards. The brakes are certified as independent components. This means there are no coupling procedures in order to define the certification.

The brake is available in B5 flange face to face version IEC (63 to 280), NEMA standards (56 to 405) and compact version for mounting in the rear part of a motor or to a transmission unit. This means the assembly of the brake to the motor or transmission unit is fast.

The performance of the brakes is particularly high and the strong structure makes them suitable for every kind of application including heavy duty.

TransDrive Hazardous Area Brakes


  • No need for periodical maintenance such as adjustment of gap on work site.
  • The braking torque values are included between 5 to 2000 Nm (depending on frames) and the electromagnets fitted inside the brakes can be AC three phase or DC for IEC and DC for NEMA.
  • The cost of a standard explosion proof motor plus the brake is considerably lower than an explosion proof brake motor and the delivery time and reliability are of a much better quality.


  • Quick assembly
  • High performance
  • Suitable for heavy duty
  • Cost effective