Torque Limiters

The TransDrive Torque Limiter has been designed to protect drive systems from unnecessary overload. When too much torque is transmitted through a drive, the Torque Limiter automatically slips on its shaft when a predetermined torque level is reached.

This device is suitable in situations where there is excessive and unpredictable shock loads, overloads or machine jams. When the problem in the system is overcome or removed, the Torque Limiter automatically reengages, unlike other devices, such as those with shear pin mechanisms, which have to be manually reset.

Torque Limiters not only prevent damage to drive systems but also eliminates unnecessary downtime due to system resets.

The Torque Limiter utilise spring loaded friction surfaces, the slip torque is present by the adjustment of the spring force, this is as simple as tightening or loosening the appropriate nut or bolt.

TransDrive Torque Limiter