Rapid-Fit Motor Mounts

The fastest and most economical method of securing motors to machine beds. The five sizes are manufactured from cold rolled steel and then galvanised. They can accommodate motor frame sizes 63 to 180 and have four slotted holes for fastening the base to the foundation.


The pressed top plate is designed to slide over the base plate preventing vibration and noise whilst ensuring continuous belt alignment. Belts are tensioned by adjusting a single screw.

Motor Mounting

The motor is bolted to the two-piece top plate which accommodates a wide range of motors. Centre distance adjustments can be made without the need to loosen the motor bolts.

Rapid-Fit Motor Mount Fitting instructions:

  • Slightly loosen the two bolts holding the Cap (A), just in front of the hex adjustment nut.
  • Lightly oil the shaft under this cap.
  • Lightly oil the shaft thread where it enters the adjustment plate (B).
  • Adjust the base to accommodate the required motor.
  • Tighten the two bolts (A) again, thus locking the Motor Mount in position.
TransDrive Motor Mounts