Taper Lock Bushes

Taper Lock Bushes also known as taper lock bore, taperlock bush or taper fit bush, allow a driven device, such as a pulley, sprocket or sheave, to be fixed onto a shaft. The split and tapered design provides a powerful clamp fit whilst being easy to install and dismantle, saving on machining costs and avoiding delays.

Available in cast iron and stainless steel, in both imperial and metric sizes.

Used for the mechanical joining of a shaft to a sprocket or a pulley. Taper lock bushes are fastened securely to a shaft via the tapered surface, providing flexibility between the main component to be suitable with many shaft sizes.

Taper Lock Bushes come in a variety of bore sizes, in both metric and imperial.

TransDrive Bush
200 N/mm2 Gray Iron
Minimum HUB Dia H
250 N/mm2 Gray Iron
420 N/mm2 Steel
ØBQty. ScrewsS Set Screws
Size (Inches)
1008`35.2022.359545133.7321/4 x 1/2
110838.3822.361575436.9221/4 x 1/2>
121047.6225.499867844.4423/8 x 5/8
121547.6238.179736844.4423/8 x 5/8
131050.8025.4100888047.6323/8 x 5/8
161057.1525.4102928553.9723/8 x 5/8
161557.1538.186817753.9723/8 x 5/8
201269.8531.81151069966.6827/16 x 7/8
251785.7344.512511911382.5521/2 x 1
252585.7363.511511110882.5621/2 x 1
3020107.9650.8154146140101.6025/8 x 1.1/4
3030107.9676.2141136132101.6025/8 x 1.1/4
3525127.0063.5206191178122.6831/2 x 1.1/240°
3535127.0089.0185176168122.6831/2 x 1.1/240°
4030146.0576.2220207197140.7235/8 x 1.3/440°
4040146.05101.5203195188140.7235/8 x 1.1/440°
4535161.9389.0221212205455.7033/4 x 240°
4545161.93114.3211205200155.7033/4 x 240°
5040177.80101.6236229223170.6937/8 x 2.1/437°
5050177.80127.0230223219170.6937/8 x 2.1/437°
TransDrive Taper Lock Bush Specifications