Locking Assemblies

The TransDrive locking assemblies enable swift and efficient shaft connections, saving time by eliminating the need for keys.

CAPT Lock Assemblies

CAPT lock assemblies serve the crucial purpose of firmly connecting mechanical components to rotating shafts. In contrast to traditional keyways, keyless locking assemblies, also known as friction type locking assemblies, exert radial compression and expansion, thereby generating a comprehensive 360-degree clamping force around the shaft. Keyless locking assemblies find widespread application across various industries, including timing mechanisms, drum and conveyor pulleys, sprockets, sheaves, gears, agitator shafts, and hydraulic clutches and brakes.

Self Locking Units

Self Locking Assemblies provide reliable, high strength keyless connections by converting locking screw clamp loads into radial contact pressures applied simultaneously to both the shaft and the bore of the mounted component.

The resulting zero-backlash mechanical interference fit will accommodate high torque, thrust, bending and/or radial loads, and unlike other mounting technologies will never wear or pound out, even for high cycle fluctuating or reversing loads.

TransDrive CAPT Lock
TransDrive Self-locking