Grid Coupling

Grid couplings belong to the category of flexible couplings designed to absorb shock, dampen vibration, and address misalignment between two shafts. They feature a spring-like grid structure that disperses impact energy gradually, thereby lowering peak loads and safeguarding machinery. With increasing loads, more teeth engage with the grid, enhancing protection and performance.

Notably, Grid Couplings are fully compatible across various manufacturers. Their reputation lies in their ease of installation and maintenance, effectively minimizing downtime.

Also called teeth couplings, these couplings reduce vibration, and compensate for misalignment while transmitting torque. They offer the high torque capacity of a gear coupling and the flexibility of an elastomer coupling, providing a cost-effective solution.

Features & Benefits

  • In the event of severe overload, grid breaks and prevents damage to high capital cost connected equipment.
  • Grid Couplings comes with optional Horizontal Split case.
  • When the parallel misalignment is too severe, the relating machine is protected by the virtue of shearing Grid or Tooth.
  • Service life of connected equipment including bearings and seals are extended due to Grid Coupling smooth high torque capabilities.
  • Quick installation and easy maintenance reduce labour cost and downtime costs.
  • GS Grid coupling is interchangeable with international industry standard brands.
  • 100% transmission of power at low noise emission.
TransDrive Grid Coupling