Cone Ring Coupling

Cone Ring couplings transfer the load between two components using several steel pins equipped with multiple conical-section Flexi-rings.

The TransDrive Cone Ring couplings are based on a time-proven design. The unique flexible element comprises tapered rubber rings mounted on steel pins. The rubber rings absorb commonly encountered misalignment, shock and vibration.

The Cone Ring coupling is widely favoured for its simple maintenance requirements; no lubrication is needed. Its pin and rubber construction ensures hassle-free upkeep, allowing easy removal and replacement without disengaging the coupling from the shafts.

Other benefits of the Cone Ring coupling include:

  • Simple uncomplicated construction
  • Reduce starting shock
  • Help absorb vibration and provide torsional flexibility
  • Operates in either direction
  • Couplings halves manufactured from high-grade cast-iron, they can also be supplied in cast-steel on application
  • Each flexing and pin assembly can be removed by withdrawing them through the bush half of the coupling for ease of replacement.


Cone Ring Coupling
Taperfit Bush Size: Pin Half MCT161020122517302035354040404045455050
Taperfit Bush Size: Bush Half MCT121016102012251730303535404045455050
Maximum Bore: TF Pin Half MCT4250657590100100110125
Max. Bore: TF Bush Half MCT324250657590100110125
Max. Bore: Pilot Bore Pin Half MC3842485565808590115120135150
Max. Bore: Pilot Bore Bush Half MC3038425858707585105110125135
0D – Outside Diameter127132146171193216254279330370419457
0H – Hub Diameter: Pin Halves64708294110132142162200206230256
0H – Hub Diameter: Bush Halves5164708297117127147180206230256
L – Length: MC88102118128142159183207241270300336
L – Length: MCT5663-82102172198209235260
M – Gap666667777777
R – Flange Length: Pin Halves121212171717303030464646
T – Flange Length: Bush Halves262626333333565656767676
T – LTB: MC Pin & Bush Halves41485661687688100117132147117
T – LTB: MCT Pin Halves2532445189102102115102
T – LTB: MCT Bush Halves25253244768910211589
Taperfit Bush Size: Pin Half MCT468681081012101214
Taperfit Bush Size: Bush Half MCT121824182430324048404856
Max. Bore: TF Pin Half MCTGC1-3GC1-3GC1-3GC1.3/4-3GC1.3/4-3GC1.3/4-3GC2.3/4-3GC2.3/4-3GC2.3/4-3GC4.1/4-3GC4.1/4-3GC4.1/4-3
Max. Bore: TF Bush Half MCT GC-1-4GC1-4GC1-4GC1.3/4-4GC1.3/4-4GC1.3/4-4GC2.3/4-4GC2.3/4-4GC2.3/4-4GC4.1/4-4GC4.1/4-4GC4.1/4-4
MC Coupling (kg)
MCT Coupling (kg)5.59.0114414.272108144181