Transdrive supply our read-to-install Lube Minder Automatic Oiler.  

The Transdrive Lube Minder automatic oiler is engineered to lubricate chains and sprockets without ever having to leave the comforts of the equipment's cab again. The fully adjustable pump requires no electricity and can automatically oil up to 10 chains and sprockets. Systems are model specific and sold complete & ready to install.

Proper lubrication of chains and sprockets is highly recommended by roller chain manufacturers and is critical for increasing the life of your machine's components. The Lube Minder automatic oiling system ensures that your chains are properly oiled while they are warm and running. This allows lubrication to penetrate into the pin and brush joints which results in maximum performance and extended equipment life.

The Transdrive Lube Minder pump cycles by tying into any double-acting hydraulic cylinder on your equipment. As the hydraulic fluid becomes pressurised the piston inside the pump moves up and dispenses the desired amount of oil to the chains and sprockets on the equipment.

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